We Are Now COR Certified

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We Are Now COR Certified

We are proud to announce that Wheatland Roofing Inc. is officially COR™ certified, and that we are the only residential roofing company in Saskatchewan to acheive COR™ certification.

The Certificate of Recognition program (COR™) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety & health program which meets national standards. The objectives of COR™ are to provide industry employers with an effective safety and health management system to reduce incidents, accidents and injuries as well as their associated human and financial costs. COR™ is now frequently used as a pre-qualifying and/or condition of contract by public and private project owners across Canada. (cfcsa.ca)

Our commitment to safety is one of the many reasons we continue to build upon our reputation as a leader in Saskatchewan’s construction industry.

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