Wheatland Roofing in the news!

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Wheatland Roofing in the news!

The snow has fallen and there's lots of it. Our roofs in Regina are buried in snow, some with more than 3 to 4 ft. sitting on top. As mentioned in our Ice Dams write up, the accumulation of snow does not allow the home to breathe and exhaust its hot air, resulting in condensation in the attic and a build up of ice that can penetrate the shingles.

Some homes in the city are experiencing a water drip due to the slight melt we had last week, and as the weather cools down again it will make the ice dams more prevalent. To handle your ice dam issues, it is best to remove the snow from the perimeter edges of the roof line, if not the complete roof. In some instances the roof vents and plumbing stacks are covered in snow, which is the root problem and these areas should be cleared.

We at Wheatland Roofing have kept busy clearing snow for our customers, and if you have an issue with ice dams, heavy snow on the roof or a drip coming through the ceiling call us for help. Refer to our 'Ice Dams' article to see what you can do to solve your ice damming issues.