System Components

1.    SHINGLES: Determines the longevity of the roof. Create curb appeal by giving a distinctive look to your home.

2.    ICE & WATER MEMBRANE: Protects the roof deck from water penetration (winter freeze / thaw cycle.)

3.    ROOF DECK PROTECTION: Underlayment prevents wind driven rain from infiltrating under the shingles.

4.    VALLEY PROTECTION: Ice & water membrane to protect against water penetration in a vulnerable area of the roof.

5.    VENTS: proper attic ventilation is crucial for a long lasting roofing system and is a necessity to meet building code and warranty requirements.

6.    ROOFING CEMENT: Ideal to waterproof effectively around the areas vulnerable to leaks.

7.    FLASHING: Protect areas vulnerable to leaks. (Skylights, chimneys, walls etc…)

8.    DRIP EDGE: Metal flashing for efficient water shedding at eave roof edge.