Annual Service Maintenance

Wheatland Roofing, Your Regina Roofing Company.


You have a 25 year-50 year LIFETIME roof which requires no maintenance.


Your roofing system is exposed to extreme temperatures, high winds and ground shifting that can cause damage. Regular preventative maintenance is required to maintain your roof and to avoid potential leaks and possible damage to the interior of your home.

We recommend an annual roof inspection to ensure that your roofing system has not been compromised, and are pleased to provide this service.

We will:

  • Check your roof for missing, loose or damaged shingles.
  • Inspect wall and chimney flashings for cracks and damage.
  • Re-seal chimney, plumbing flashings and vents where needed.
  • Water test eavestroughs to ensure proper drainage.
  • Trim back tree branches that may cause roof damage. (with your permission)
  • Perform a visual inspection of attic if warranted.
  • Provide an estimate if additional maintenance is required.
  • (i.e. Cleaning eavestroughs to avoid water back-up into your home.)

Please call our service department for pricing to schedule your inspection: (306) 924-4277

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