Donating a roof to the Bryanton family

Every year, we team up with Regina Trades & Skills Centre (RTSC) to donate a roof to a deserving family. This year, our choice was the Bryanton family. Tenille Bryanton died earlier this month after fighting a rare form of cancer. She left behind her husband Adam and their two daughters. Before Tenille died, theContinue reading “Donating a roof to the Bryanton family”

How To Protect Your Home From Ice Dams

Cold, warmer, colder – no we’re not describing a childhood game of hot and cold, but rather the sporadic weather conditions we’ve been experiencing this winter. Unfortunately, this rollercoaster cycle of freezing and melting conditions greatly increases the risk of ice dams being formed on rooflines. Read on to find out how you can help prevent iceContinue reading “How To Protect Your Home From Ice Dams”

6 Tips For Hiring The Right Roofing Contractor

Hiring a roofing contractor can feel complicated. Since a new roof is an investment you’ll only make every 20 to 50 years, you might not be familiar with the roofing contractors in your area. As well, cost can vary drastically from Option A to Option B. For example, Handyman Joe down the street will probablyContinue reading “6 Tips For Hiring The Right Roofing Contractor”

We Now Have Two Hagg Certified Inspectors

At Wheatland, we’re committed to providing ongoing and innovative training for our team. We recently sent Jay and Taylor to Calgary to complete Hagg training, an intensive course on assessing roof damage. We’re proud to announce that both Jay and Taylor are now Hagg Certified Inspectors. What does Haag Certification tell you about us? It’sContinue reading “We Now Have Two Hagg Certified Inspectors”

Annual Service Maintenance

MYTH: You have a 25 year-50 year LIFETIME roof which requires no maintenance. FACT: Your roofing system is exposed to extreme temperatures, high winds and ground shifting that can cause damage. Regular preventative maintenance is required to maintain your roof and to avoid potential leaks and possible damage to the interior of your home. WeContinue reading “Annual Service Maintenance”